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poem(topic: As Time Passes)

Bivens poem in many ways follows a pattern, both in regards to sentence structure and in the overall organization of the poem established by her repetitiveness of certain phrases. Like Bivens’s poem, Melendrez’s poem follows a similar structure. Bivens writes about time passing around the general idea of life. In the second poem, Melendrez write about time passing from a teacher’s perspective. Although both authors’ purposes are different, each has given special attention to word choice, punctuation, detail, and organization with the goal of eliciting a certain response from their audience.
Your task is to follow the lead of Bivens and Melendrez in imitating the structure of the poem. To do so, you should first decide from what perspective and/or idea you would like to focus on around the topic of “passing time.” Remember to think about your intended audience and what reaction or emotion you are trying to elicit. Lastly, make sure to give attention to word choice, punctuation, detail, and organization to achieve the effect you intend. Finally, make sure you use all the tools you’ve been introduced to this quarter to assist you with the language. Edit and revise carefully

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