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Price discrimination, vertical differentiation and peak-load pricing with discussion and summary

Please visit: https://economics-games.com/games Game titled Price discrimination, vertical differentiation and peak-load pricing under Single-player games. Create login for the game so that when you begin your simulation exercises, your results can be saved and not lost. That being said, if you are uncomfortable with creating the log in,  you will still be able to do the simulation but might have to conduct it fully in one go and save your results. Beginning in Week 3, portions of the simulation will be assigned for self-practice. We will also have a discussion board devoted to the Simulation available from Week 3 until Week 7. The purpose of this discussion board will be to help students strategize decisions. More details on how this will work will be forthcoming in Week 3. You will be expected to write a short summary (4-5 paragraphs) describing what you learned from the game in the context of the class materials.  The summary should also include images from the game showing what outcomes were for each year included in the Game (6 years of outcomes).  In addition to the short summary, there are two discussion post requirements with screenshots to correspond.  Also, images from the game must be saved and provided.

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