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proffesional communication

Write a paper in proper APA format with cover page and at least 2 quality sources on the topic of Social Media on page 149 of the text (the text can count as one of the sources.  Read the Your Task section. Ensure your paper fully answers all 7 bullet points, and support your answers with information from your sources. Use the Galileo electronic database for this assignment.

Your Task

    In teams or as a class, discuss the problem of workplace
abuse of social media, e-mail, instant messaging, online
shopping, and other Internet browsing. Should full personal
use be allowed?

    Are computers with Internet access similar to other equipment such as telephones?

    Should employees be allowed to access the Internet for
personal use as long as they limit it to their own mobile

    Should management be allowed to monitor all Internet use?

    Should employees be warned if Internet activities including
e-mail are to be monitored?

    What reasons can you give to support an Internet crackdown
by management?

    What reasons can you give to oppose a crackdown?

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