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Read No Exit by Jean Paul and Commentary and answer the questions

Use read both, No exit by Jean Paul and Commentary 2017 by Lehman and answer the following questions. I have attached both reading. Answers should only take about 1 page.  Please read and answer the questions correctly.

1.    Early in her essay (p. 50), Lehmann distinguishes between pleasure and reward.  Later (p. 51) she expands on the idea, saying:  . . . this new technology [smartphones] seems to activate the reward centerbut does not induce states of contentment, satisfaction, or meaning.

Question:  In your own words, can you meaningfully describe the difference between pleasure and reward?  Specifically, what is Lehmann trying to get at in distinguishing mere reward from the other things she lists?  Can you maybe give an example of what shes talking about?

2.    Lehmann cites several statistics indicating that anxiety and suicide are increasing at a faster rate for girls than for boy

Question:  Why do you think that is?  Does it tell us something about a basic difference between males and females?  Do you think smartphones are part of the problem?  Why?

3.    Relate all this back to No Exit and our discussion of it.  If Sartre is right and we really are self-defining (i.e., we are whatever we say we are), and if self-definition requires us to define/dictate to others how they respond to our self-definition, then it would seem that Hell really is other people since others will resist our efforts to define them, just as we would resist their efforts to define us.  It turns out that self-definition is really definition-by-Other; viz., we are only what others will allow us to be.

Question:  So, whats the solution?  If self-definition boils down to definition-by-Other, can we ever really be happy?  If we are not self-defining/defined-by-other, how else might we be defined?

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