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Read the book Gideons Trumpet by Anthony Lewis


Read the book Gideons Trumpet by Anthony Lewis

Please begin reading in the first week of the quarter. Besides being an interesting book, this will also help to get you in the mindset for legal analyses as we progress throughout the quarter.

Your report should be no more than 12 pages and no less than 10 pages. It should be double spaced. Upload as a Word or PDF file here in Canvas. DO NOT  send to my class email.

It should provide the reader with a summary of the book and evidence that you read it in its entirety. It should address the following points:

1. Prior to receiving this assignment did you know anything about the subject matter?

2. Do you think that the outcome and the subsequent change to US law was a step in the right direction? Why or Why not?

3. If you or someone you loved were to be charged with a crime what factors do you believed would have influenced the outcome of the case prior to Gideons Trumpet? What factors do you believe would influence the outcome of the case post Gideons Trumpet?

4. Do you think that much has changed as a result of the case?

5. Do you agree/disagree that there was a need for a constitutional amendment? Why? Why not?

6. A systemic problem is the large caseloads of many public defenders, making it difficult for them to provide the same kind of quality representation to their clients that their counterparts in private practice can provide to their clients. Speak to these societal issues and give me your thoughts on how meaningful changes may be implemented.

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