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Reading reflection

Essay question 1: (30/100 marks). Word limit 500 words or less:
a) What is the main argument in each of the following two articles? (10 points):
i) Barbara Ehrenreich, “Serving in Florida,” 11-50.
ii) Naomi Klein, “Threats and Temps,” 173-192.
b) Compare and contrast them, providing specific examples from them to illustrate (20 points).
Essay question 2: (35/100 marks). Word limit 500 words or less:
a) Using an example from Sinclairs The Jungle, give a brief explanation of private ownership of
the means of production (10 points). b) How is the concept of “social ownership” — as explained
by Huberman and Sweezy — manifested in the film La Toma? Explain, using examples directly
(and only) from our course material to illustrate your answer (25 points).
Essay question 3: (35/100 marks): Word limit 500 words or less:
a) Briefly compare Tammy’s story (and the 2013 update) to that of Jurgis Rudkus and his family
in Sinclair’s The Jungle, with specific reference to the concept of the American Dream (20
points). b) How does the film “Wealth Inequality in America” (2012) contradict the concept of
the American Dream? (15 points).

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