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Part 2- students will review summary analyses submissions, made in part 1, and offer a rebuttal to a classmate’s current event analysis, which opposes their own.  MOST IMPORTANTLY,  BE CONSTRUCTIVE in your critiques; and RATIONAL in your explanation of your perspective.  Rebuttals must be 5-10 sentences in length.

  Kindly do the rebuttal on the work below

It is more than twelve months into the pandemic yet some Texans are complaining about access to the Covid-19 vaccine. In Texas, the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine has been faced with several severe challenges. There have been inconsistencies in the distribution of the doses and more struggle is to jab people into their arms. People in the various counties in Texas have been warned of the possible delay in receiving the vaccine. For example in Cameron and Hidalgo counties, residents have been instructed to carry food, water, and blanket as they could experience a delay of a period of up to 48 hours. The downside of this is that it has affected the vulnerable in the society as they are exposed to cold and rains. Exposing some age groups to such weather conditions has an effect that would otherwise lead to serious health issues. As a solution, the Texas government should come up with programs where some members of society get the Covid-19 vaccines at the comfort of their homes.

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