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1. Review the PowerPoint presentation  Understanding Your Personal Context.pptx Understanding Your Personal Context.pptx – Alternative Formats

to recall the eight dimensions of one’s personal context. You may also want to review your earlier work on identifying and ranking your personal context dimensions.
2. Read/review the articles on recycling from Chapter 2:

“The Reign of Recycling” by John Tierney, pages 66-70

“It’s Time to Phase Out Single-Use Plastic,”an editorial in Los Angeles Times,  pages 74-75

“Waste Not. . . ?” by Bob Holmes, pages 76-80

“We Are So Forked” by Jenny Luna, pages 80-82

3. In the first paragraph of your discussion post explain which textbook article on recycling represents your position and which elements of your own personal context have influenced your choice. In other words, identify the important dimensions in forming your own opinion on how far to go in recycling.

4. In the second paragraph decide which textbook article represents the position opposite of yours and why.

5. In the third paragraph describe your “supporter” and then your “opponent” selecting them from the “imaginary friends” (Marla, Juan, and so on) in the Power Point presentation. To do so, review the PowerPoint presentation paying close attention to the descriptions of “imaginary friends.” Infer which of the five “friends”  would likely side with you and which would oppose you. As always explain how you came up with your inferences which details in the personal context of the “friend” seemed most important and why.

There are no wrong answers; the purpose of the assignment is to show that you understand how personal context might influence opinions. 

Note: paragraphs do not need to be long – 3-5 sentences will suffice

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