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Reentry into Corrections

For this project, youll compose a4  page research paper titled, Reentry in Corrections. In your paper, youll research three reentry programs listed below and evaluate them including risk of recidivism, reentry and parole methods and statistics, and goals of reentry. Youll summarize the goals of each program, and youll draw your research from at least three reputable sources in addition to the websites of the three programs (links to the websites are found in the next step). Examples of scholarly sources might include the Department of Justice, the American Probation and Parole Association, and academic and/or newspaper articles.

Visit the websites of the following three reentry programs:

Federal Prison Industries/UNICOR
Safer Foundation
Prison University Project at San Quentin

When reviewing these programs, be sure to look closely at their mission statements, goals, events, statistics, and how they benefit both prisoners and the community.

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