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reflecting on your experience as an art student

“Questionnaires,” Interviews with 12 Contemporary Artists, in Art School
(Propositions for the 21st Century). (Steven Madoff, ed., 2009)
“How to Be an Artist by Night,” by Raqs Media Collective, in Art School
(Propositions for the 21st Century). (Steven Madoff, ed., 2009)
Write an essay (600 words, minimum) reflecting on your experience as an art
student. If you are not an art student, adapt this essay to reflect your experience
with whatever degree you are working on.
Step 1: Having considered the multiple perspectives expressed in the above
readings, which of these resonates the most for you (discuss at least 2 specific
examples) – explain why they are of interest to you (do they parallel your own
experiences, do they represent points of view or experiences you had not
previously considered?).
Step 2: Offer your own answers to the questions asked in the Art School
questionnaires that seem relevant to you (you do not have to answer all of them).
Here are some additional questions you may want to consider: Why did you
choose this major? What did you hope to get out of the experience? How is it
going so far? How would you evaluate the program you are in? What do you
hope to be doing in 5 years? In 10 years? How has this program helped to
prepare you to move in that direction?

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