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For this question, you will write a pape (minimum of 300 words) in which you describe up to 3 of the 11 laws of the fifth discipline to a chosen audience (either individual or group) and explain how each law points to an area for improvement in an example organization. At the end of the pape you will provide several questions for your audience to think about to promote greater understanding of how the laws might be applied to their organization.


Review the Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 in Stroh’s Systems Thinking for Social Change: A Practical Guide to Solving Complex Problems, Avoiding Unintended Consequences, and Achieving Lasting Results.

Review Chapter 4 in Senge’s The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, paying special attention to the 11 laws of the fifth discipline.

Choose at least one of the laws, but no more than three, to explore in depth for your pape.

Identify a particular individual or group within your site who will serve as your audience. Consider who at your site would find especially relevant an explanation of the laws of the fifth discipline. Your audience could include any member of your professional learning community, your institutions board, a department group, or other.

Identify any particular organizational challenges your chosen audience (person or group) faces that could be revealed though any of Senges law(s).


Write a 300-word (min) pape addressed to a particular person/group in which you: 

Identify and briefly describe your target audience (individual or group).

oIn your own words, write a brief description of the laws of the fifth discipline.

oWhat is the fifth discipline?

oWhat are the laws of the fifth discipline?

Identify and briefly define no more than 3 laws that directly pertain to your chosen group or individual.

Explain to your audience how of each of your chosen law(s) shows an observation or an area for improvement you have made within the organization.

oYour explanation should be responsive to the perspectives of your audience.

Provide specific support for your statements and assertions as you draw connections between the characteristics of the law(s) and your examples.

oYour examples should include specific details that promote greater understanding of the aspects of the law that you want to convey to your audience.

At the end of your paper include at least 3 questions about the laws as they relate to your audience that, when thoughtfully considered, might promote continuous improvement and organizational learning.

In your writing, try to make specific connections between the concept(s) in The Fifth Discipline and organizational details. Avoid writing in vague generalizations that do little to demonstrate a grasp of the concept or enlighten your audience.  

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