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Reflection Paper 1

You will read numerous texts throughout your journey in this course. This can often become just another task amidst everything else in your life. The desire is for you to practically connect your readings to your specific field of chaplaincy (HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY). You will reflect upon your readings each week and discuss your thoughts in relationship to their descriptive nature (ministry definition) and the prescriptive nature (ministry application).
You will write a reflection of your weekly reading that is divided into two sections: Description (ministry definition) and Prescription (ministry application).
    Minimum of 400 words
    Turabian Format

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1. Crick, Robert. Outside the Gates: The Need for, Theology, History, and Practice of Chaplaincy Ministries. Oviedo: Higherlife Development Services, 2011. ISBN:9781935245575. (READ CHAPTER 2 ).

2. Milton, Michael A. Silent No More: A Biblical Call for the Church to Speak to State and Culture. Clinton: Tanglewood Publishing 2013. ISBN: 9780985289713.( READ CHAPTER 2 )


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