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Reforming Tim’s Coffee Shoppe under new Management.

The goal is to read the description below, then reference to the stimulation I have attached. The screenshots are what each section should be about and each section should be labeled and in reference to the stimulation. What are issues and how they can be resolved?

Final Project

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this assignment:

AC298-6: Use technology and software applications appropriate to the business environment.

You have been practicing with the various elements of this final project throughout the course and throughout various parts of your degree program. Now it is time to put all that you have learned together in a cohesive report.

Scenario: In this scenario you are Mikes good friend whom he has asked for help regarding his recent purchase of Tims Coffee Shoppe. Be sure to tell Mike everything that you can think of that will aid him once he takes over ownership of Tims Coffee Shoppe from the seller. Tell him what he will need to address in terms of setting up his new business and the challenges that he will face. Remember, this is your good friend, and you want him to succeed in this new venture.

Remember, the final project assignment is required to have the following structure:

Title Page

Executive Summary: Overview of your findings



Finance and Accounting

Financial Statements

Problem Solving

Access the instructions and rubric.

Unit 9 Assignment Grading Rubric
Points are based on correct and thorough responses to the checklist items using critical analysis.     Percentage
Possible     Points Possible     Points Earned
The following sections should be present and provide a detailed analysis of the issues and how to correct them:
– Cover sheet page
– Executive Summary:
Overview of your findings
– Regulations/Management 
– Finance and  accounting
-Financial Statements
-Problem Solving References page       


Subtotal:     80%     100    
Provides a detailed report with cover sheet (5 pts.) and references page (5 pts.) in appropriate APA format, and provides in the sections: correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar (15 pts.).     20%    25    
Total Points      Percentage
Possible: 100%
    Possible points total: 125     Possible points total: 

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