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Report based on presentation

I need to have a very professional report written based on some research I have carried out. I will need you to carry out some further research as well.
—My team and I are conducting research about something called the ‘Cloud Passport’ to be marketed for education sector in Australia.
—My part of the research focuses on the ‘DIGITIZATION PROCESS- REMOVAL OF PAPER’
—Please refer to the message board for clearer instructions and also to understand what documents I have uploaded.
—If you take up this work, it would help if you could give me a brief update and keep in touch via message board.

This is extra instructions you need to consider I have attached the documents I have been working on namely a presentation and a word document. You will need to use the word document to write my part of the report. You will need to carry out more research to be able to format a proper report with graphs and visuals like data to support findings. Please do not copy any information exactly as it is, but write it very professionally. These are the documents: 1) Digitization.doc 2) Presentation11.pptx PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC WITH YOUR RESEARCH AND WITH THE ARTICLES I HAVE ALREADY USED, PLEASE READ THEM AND PROVIDE MORE INFORMATION. I DO NOT NEED A FULL REPORT WRITTEN. I need parts of it written professionally because it will go into a final document we are presenting. I have attached the draft report that we will be adding everything into here for you have a look at. FOCUS IS PRIMARILY ON MARKET APPETITE, BARRIERS AND OPPORTUNITIES. I have highlighted all points you have to consider in the following document: 3) DraftReport_2 I will get straight to the point, your next research is to look at the market appetite and impact of digitised process-removal of paper. I have already done some research on it so it needs more expanding and needs to be written as though it will go into the draft report. Remember that when you are researching about this, look at other area’s also like the pain points and barriers of this process or other opportunities and include this in your research. If you need idea’s of how a report is written or how its best to write the info you have in a report format, look at the previous telstra group reports I have sent you, they all have proper research written with data or tables/facts for proof, this is what we should aim for. i do like an explanation in a speech format for the research too. I have attached here a copy of the presentations from the previous two teams that have worked on this project. Basically we are following up on all their research so it would be best to go through these carefully. Please refer to these uploaded documents for previous teams research: —–1) Ducere Team 2 Telstra Final Report 20160129 v1.0-2 —–2) Final Presentation_Telstra Ventures_230916-2 —–3) Final Report_Telstra Ventures_230916-2 This will give you an idea of what the ‘Cloud passport’ is and will help direct how you research. Some of the work we have done so far is also uploaded under the name: —–Project-plan draft ppxt. With the barriers, and opportunities part of the report, you will need to continue research aimed at understanding education administration sector in order to understand the opportunity for Cloud Passport . Be focused around the issues, opportunities & barriers they see the sector faces with regard to digitisation. Work out what’s really going on in the industry and where the cloud passport fits (or doesn’t)

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