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RES814 01 Unit 5 IP Reporting Quantitative Results

Topic:  Writing Quantitative Results


Write a brief summary in APA format of 500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.

Be substantive and clear, and include the tables below to support your findings. Refer to the APA Sample Research Paper as a template for your write up.

A survey was conducted to analyze the debt of individuals in the United States. A researcher obtained this secondary data and ran Chi-Square and Crosstabulation analyses to determine if people who defaulted on loans is associated the level of education they completed. Additionally, the researcher wanted to determine which education level(s) are more likely to default on a loan.

The results of his analyses are provided below.

Write the Results section of the paper and present the results using appropriate APA-formatted tables and figures. Include one research question and one set of an aligned null and alternative hypothesis to address the research goals outlined above. Follow all APA conventions and include the proper APA statistical notation. A clustered bar chart comparing the number of people who defaulted or did not default on a loan, for each education level, is included to help the reader visualized the data and should be included in your paper as an APA-formatted figure.


The basic research question is whether there is a significant difference in loan default levels (yes/no)  based upon your education level (five levels).  You are given a 2 X 5 matrix of frequencies, a chi-square output, and a Phi and Cramers-V for effect size.  Each cell in the matrix also has an unstandardized residual. You are then instructed as follows:

You are going to do a quantitative research report writeup similar in form to what you see in the sample APA Research Report found in DB1. 

table is attached

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