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Research Method

Your First Things Fast text and additional readings describe a number of assessment methods to gather data, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, process mapping, and workplace observations. In your post of this paper section draft:

1)  Identify the problem you are investigating for your project in a one-sentence statement.

2)  Identify at least two research methods to gather data to complete your needs assessment/human performance analysis. Explain your rationale for selecting the specific research methodologies.

3)  Describe the advantages and disadvantages of your selected research methodologies. Explain how your research methodologies will be implemented.

4)  Explain the design, implementation, and purpose of data collection instruments that support your selected research methodologies (describe tools and how they will be used, and include questions you will ask).

Note: Do not select document review, data mining, or observation of data as a research method, because those methods will be covered in a future assignment. Also, note that the kick-off interview was part of the problem definition activity and is not a substitute for one of your research methods for this assignment.

Draft and integrate the information listed above into the Research Methods section of the Final Paper Template. Post your Final Paper Template with the completed narrative and data collection instruments as an attachment in this discussion. Please make sure to update the Table of Contents and References pages each time you add an assignment to the cumulative paper. Integrate course readings to support HPI-related points and to strengthen the narrative.

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