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research methods

Having read about various disciplinary methods and written a literature review accounting for relevant secondary sources, reflect upon and respond to the following:

What disciplines have you identified as most relevant to your research question?
What methods are typically valued or emphasized in these disciplines?
Are any of these methods relevant or useful to your research project? Explain.
Do you have any training or familiarity with the methods you see as relevant to your work? Explain.
What method(s) are you most likely to employ for this project?
Remember: you should consider the timeframe for our course, access to sources, and familiarity with quantitative and qualitative strategies
What steps do you need to take to ensure you can collect the data/evidence necessary for your project?
What is your timeline for data/evidence collection? (keep in mind that you should start analyzing your primary data during week 5).
There is no word requirement for this post. Be sure to answer all of the questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.

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