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Research paper on TMobile

 Write a research paper on the following topic:Select a company  (TMobile) and describe its competitive forces, its overall value chain, and how IT/IS is enhancing its value chain to provide competitive advantage.Notes:

  • Paper should relate to some of the related concepts as specified in Chapter 2 and 3 (see the attached slides). Besides, appropriate concepts outlined in other chapters can also be included to substantiate the paper.
  • Make sure your paper focuses on the issues raised by the assignment topic. Section your paper as suggested in the template below so that it is easy to understand and follow. Make each template requirement as section title in the paper. The template structure is as follows:
    • Describe Porter’s Five forces and value chains in general.
    • Describe how IS assists organizations in implementing their value chains for competitive advantage.
    • Describe some company and analyze it from the perspective of Porter’s five forces, and value chain. Outline the value chain through a diagram. Anytime a company is described, make sure the company description provides details like its products, its history, etc. even if the company is widely known.
    • Describe how IT/IS is enabling the selected company to enhance its value chain for competitive advantage. Provide instances of such impacts that are properly referenced.
  • Companies have to be independent and their coverage has to be current. Also, if some company’s main product line becomes a service through acquisition by another company, then the acquired company is not independent.
  • Anytime the term “Describe” appears in the template for some topic, the topic description should contain sufficient details.
  • Include references to all material (books, journal papers, book chapters, etc.) at the end of your paper. If you reference any material from the Internet, please provide its complete reference so that it may be downloaded for reading.
  • References should be numbered in the References section of the submission. A reference should include the author(s) name, date/year of publication, title, page numbers (if any), journal/publication outlet, and URL (if available). URLs by themselves are not a substitute for complete reference. In the paper, references should be cited by the number in the references section within square brackets, eg. [3] for single reference or [1, 2, 3] for multiple references. There should be no subscript/footnote citation for references in the submission.

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