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Samsung Electronic's global strategy into US market

Your letter must contain answers to the following questions:
1. What do you think are the main competitive advantages of the focal company- Samsung Electronics? How are these advantages related to the home country(Korea) business environment it is (or was) in?
2. Focus on one country that the company has entered (host country) or is considering (potential host country). How does it compare with the home country, along the dimensions that are relevant to the firm’s business? Do you think entering that country would leverage or enhance the focal company’s competitive advantages as outlined in a.?
3. Suggest the right entry strategy, taking into consideration both the economic factors and the institutional environment of the (potential) host country. If the firm has already entered the host country, please comment on its current strategy, and offer your suggestions. Please try to be as explicit as you can.
4. How does the firm’s global strategy—or its decision to stay domestic—affect its overall competitiveness in the industry?
• Use 2-3 concepts and frameworks that are the most relevant to this firm from the attached slides, and explain why they should demand attention from the top executives (i.e. busy people). Be explicit about the firm-, industry-, and country-specific characteristics.

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