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Jennifer MooreSCI-100 Perspectives in Natural ScienceProfessor Clinton Hull

SCI 100 Module One Activity Template: Topic Exploration


Visit the Science Daily and/or Science Magazine websites to choose a natural science–related news story published within the past six months on a topic of interest to you. Ensure the article meets the criteria provided in the Module One Activity Guidelines and Rubric.

Answer the following questions about your chosen scientific news story. Replace the bracketed text below with your responses.

Provide the title and link to your chosen news story so your instructor may locate it.

· Title: Global warming influence on extreme weather events has been frequently underestimated


Summarize the main idea of the news story you selected. This should only take 1–2 sentences.

· Global warming is showing improvement with the intensifying occurrences of hot spells and downpours faster than the historical trends have shown.

Briefly explain any prior knowledge and what you’d like to know more about regarding your selected news story.

· I currently have little to no knowledge about global warming. I very interested in learning more about how or if it causes climate changes in the atmosphere in which can make natural disasters across the world.

Discuss the value of the scientific research presented in your selected news story for contemporary society.

· Small increases in global warming can cause large upticks in the probability of extreme weather events, which in return can cause heat waves and heavy rainfall. The new results can help to make global risk management more effective.


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