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Jennifer MooreSCI-100 Perspectives in Natural ScienceProfessor Clint Hull

SCI 100 Module Six Activity Template: Science in the Real World

Apply the scientific lens to a personal experience or event.

· How I feel about the understanding and studying of natural sciences for me related to the video I chose called “The Other Inconvenient Truth”. We don’t talk much about how greenhouses emit gases and how it supplies for environmental damage and the changes in the climate. I need to gain more knowledge about the environment around me to help make it better, and it is so often that people choose to ignore it. A personal experience for me is switching to metal straws and from bottled water to choosing to filter my water instead. Just thinking about it I use a lot of water bottles and straws in a monthly deal. To think as to where those are going and how they are being recycled made me curious. After obtaining knowledge on these recycled items, I figured that I was probably hurting the environment more by putting more out there. So, I decided to change to metal straws and filter my water.

Explain the value of being a scientifically informed citizen within your community.

· When issues arise as a citizen, being scientifically informed as well as having and understanding before the issue can get to far. Social media reports on situations such as climate change in a way that if the audience is not scientifically informed it can lead them to believe some things that are not true. Being scientifically informed about natural disasters when they occur makes citizens not do much when it happens, or they don’t get noting done before it can go bad.

Discuss the obligation of citizens to be scientifically literate and how that could affect global contemporary issues.

· I feel as though citizens need to understand scientific literature. We need to be able to understand how the issues arise and how it can hurt society and even our Earth. Our environment will suffer as seen in the past because of citizens not being able to understand the literacy of science. We need to be more involved with our environment as it can lead to complications for our young. Issues with global contemporary such as politics can also be moved to a different view as well. The leaders can’t do it all therefore us a citizens need to be scientifically literate to help make our Earth better.

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