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Secondary Research on Collaborative Tools

Use the Secondary Research handout to find resources about collaborative communication technologies in the professional culture you chose for Project #1. While searching, consider using search terms like “communicating/working/ researching/writing” “technology/technologies/apps/programs” in __<enter field/profession/discipline>__.

**Activities 1 and 2 in the Secondary Research handout should be completed after you’ve spoken with your group members so you can select a style guide and search terms** This means you will need to reach out to your group to discuss these decisions.

Remember that a collaborative tool is any technology that is being used to aid in collaboration. For example, in this class, we’re using Google Drive, and in the last assignment, you looked up project management apps and video conferencing programs. These are all examples of collaborative tools. Some professions/fields might call these types of applications or programs by another name, so you might need to do some digging on what terms will work best for your search.


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