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For this short review, of one or two paragraphs, you will demonstrate that you have actively read and engaged with one of the assigned poems. Choose ONE of:

Vivek Shraya, the truth about the race card (even this page is white, Arsenal Pulp, 2016, p. 54).


Billy-Ray Belcourt, God’s River (This Wound is a World, Frontenac, 2017, p. 28).

You must write in complete sentences. Your response does not need a central thesis, but all of the points in the instructions must be addressed.

Identify what you believe to be the main issue that the poem is addressing and what argument the poem makes about that issue.
Evaluate the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the poem in relation to the issue you identify.
No additional sources should be referred to; just use your own ideas and understanding of the issue/theme.
You can either quotes the passage you are referencing in full at the beginning of your essay or refer to line numbers in in-text citations. Either option is fine for this assignment.

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