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session 4 Discussion

In-Seat Students :
Review the discussion prompt below. Then prepare a list of talking points in order to be prepared for the class discussion. Please bring a printed copy to class.
Discussion Prompt : Weak and Strong Christians
Christians today are divided on what a “good” Christian looks like. Can you drink alcohol, smoke cigars, gamble, go to “R” rated movies, or vote for political candidates who are not “Pro-life”? In this session, we will look at Romans 14-15:13 and try to discern Paul’s view (biblical view) of “weak” versus “strong” Christians. Read the passage again and then respond to the following questions:
Define what Paul means by weak and strong based on this passage.
What conclusions can you make regarding weak and strong Christians in our culture today?
Paul is using the issues of ‘diet’ and ‘special days’ to illustrate his principles. What kind of issues do these translate into in our current culture?
What principles is Paul giving that we can apply to our lives and culture today?

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