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seyffardt letters

Please read the article(letters) I attached and answer the questions :
    Who wrote these letters?
    To whom were they written?

Please write 1 – 2 clear paragraphs about the following:

What difficulties and successes did William and Sophie experience as immigrants?  What do the letters reveal about their gender roles? Did they write about different topics?  Give some examples or quotes.

Please write 1 – 2 clear paragraphs about the following:

What can you determine from these letters about the relationships the Seyffards had with other people living in their area?  With non-Germans?  With other Germans?  What types of interactions did they have, and why?  Did Sophie and William have different types of interactions with others?

Please select one letter you think provides interesting historical information about the experiences of the Seyffardts and/or their neighbors.  Give the date of the letter, who wrote it, and explain why you chose it in a paragraph.  Give at least two examples, details, or quotes to help explain your analysis.

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