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Short Story Analysis

Write a unified and coherent essay of approximately 1200 words on one of the topics below.
Remember that your essay should be properly analytical: do not merely summarize/retell the story.
Assume that your reader has already read the story at least once. Your reader already knows who the characters are and what happens in the story.
Your reader is looking for a thoughtful, meaningful, and well-organized discussion.

Make sure your introduction begins with an appropriate framing statement which refers to the author and the text being discussed.

Your introduction must also contain an argumentative thesis statement.

Be sure to support your claims with detailed evidence from the text, and remember to include page numbers for all quotes.

Use the present tense as much as possible to refer to the text. Identify speakers as appropriate.

You will need to include a works cited page at the end of your essay.

Use MLA 8th edition format.

Choose any from the topics below please and let me know which youve chosen before starting so I can send you the readings required for the essay !!!!!

( 1 ) Discuss the significance of the wallpaper in The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
– What does the wallpaper tell us about the characters and theme(s) of the story?

( 2 ) Discuss the use of symbols in Borders by Thomas King File.

( 3 ) Discuss the significance of cages in the story Cages by Guy Vanderhaeghe.

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