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Social sciences

1. What do you think is the greatest challenge, to date, in establishing a strong Philippine Republic? Give a 1-3 sentence answer to the question below.  Support your answer by directly quoting the assigned readings for this module.

2. The top 3 things you have learned in module 7. Support your answers with explanations and the appropriate quotes from the readings or videos.

Video links :


Reading links :


1. Pick one object as proof of material culture (i.e. costume, architecture, furniture) during the Pre-Hispanic or the Spanish period in the Philippines. Description about this object must be detailed, historically accurate, and supported with strong academic research. Use at least 5 primary sources- 3 of which should be written primary sources. The chosen object must be accompanied by a short essay describing and explaining the object that must be supported with direct quotes from your primary sources. Cite your sources in your bibliography. Use APA proper citation format.

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