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SPHE316 Week 4: Project Outline

This a OUTLINE not essay

Assignment Instructions

This assignment is the outline for the risk analysis final project.

This assignment will provide an outline of your final project.
Below is a sample outline. Remember that under the directions of the final project (see directions under assignment – Final Project) there are requirements for what to have in your project. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THOSE DIRECTIONS. PROVIDE 1 TO 2 PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH SUBHEADING BELOW (EACH):
A. Overview of the facility’s operation
B. Risk Matrix
1 . Identify TEN (10) specific risks

1. Indicate Indemnification
2. Waivers
3. ANY type of facility will have hundreds of risks associated with it. You are required to cover only 10.
C. Narrative regarding risk reduction procedures.
1. Personnel management
2. Discuss their emergency procedures.
D. Compliance with the ADA

E. Crowd Management plan

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