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SPIN Selling

To gain a basic understanding of a widely utilized sales philosophy knows as SPIN selling and be encouraged to read the full book outside of a class assignment.
Summarize and communicate a complex topic in an easy to understand manner in written format.
Present a complex topic in an engaging, convincing, and easy to understand manner as a “virtual speech” to a virtual audience without reading a script and using no more than three note cards.

The learned skill of asking the right questions in sales dialogue is an accepted best practice in professional selling. However, many sales trainers do not agree on what the right questions are or on the when to ask them.  In this presentation, you play the role of a seasoned sales professional training new sales team members on SPIN selling and the three most important concepts the author of the summary provides.

Read the provided book summary of Neil Rackhams SPIN Selling by HubSpot author Aja Frost.

On paper (submitted as a PDF)
Share your opinion of the research by stating if you think these characteristics are the most important traits of successful sales professional in todays environment.
Support your opinion in a persuasive 5 paragraph format to help your audience successfully achieve their business objectives.

Paper must included:
The opening hook and thesis statement used in your used presentation
Three supportive paragraphs (one for each point in your three point thesis statement | this section is not included in your video)
The compelling call-to-action used in your video presentation
      Optional: Use one or more of the following questions to guide your persuasive paper:

Where do a lot of new sales professionals go wrong when meeting with prospects?
What are some of the most common misconceptions about objections according to the author?
What are some important points to cover when presenting your product or service to a prospect?
Key Points: (Rubric)


(5 points)
Display a solid understanding of the article
Support your opinion with three main topics creating a clear 3-point thesis statement.
(5 points)
Write using professional and industry appropriate grammar and tone and create compelling points.

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