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Stories about Finding the Truth

Often, we hear a story and we really want to know whether or not the story is true; what does the author suggest about the quest for truth? Use your answer to that question to form a central idea for the story. In your analysis, incorporate the author’s own commentary on the writing of the story. what parts were true and what were fiction? Analyze how the author uses the narrator (point of view) and language to support the story’s theme. Summary of plot A central idea statement about the pursuit of truth A thesis statement that explains how the point of view and language support the central idea Paragraphs that analyze the central idea with the author’s own commentary on his or her writing, the point of view, and several forms of language Ample supporting quotations from the primary source (the story) At least one supporting quotation or paraphrase from the secondary source (the author’s comment) story – http://www.vqronline.org/fiction/finding-billy-white-feather

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