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Strategic Staffing at Atlas Corporation

Read the attached case study. After reading the case study, answer the following questions:

1)How would you explain the alignment of Atlas business, human resource, and staffing strategies?
2) When considering the components of strategic staffing, what is Atlas doing well with regard to staffing strategically? What could they do better?
3) What would you suggest Atlas do to further enhance the alignment between its staffing function and its need to promote from within?
4) Is there a benefit for Atlas to have an internal or external staffing focus in order to gain/maintain a competitive advantage? Why, or why not?

Answer all four questions in one document. Your completed case study must be no less than two full pages in length. You must use at least your textbook as a reference, but other resources may be used if needed. Any information from resources used must be cited and referenced in APA format.

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