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System Breakdowns

Use your ideas to rewrite summarize in your own words what I posted below. I just need 3 paragraphs thanks!!!

I think the first major breakdown is indicated by the name of this documentarymedicine has been driven by profitability. This has led to physicians consciously (or subconsciously) treating patients in a way that has less to do with the quality of care and more for the increase in profits for the physician. Additionally, this has led to several other issues such as:

Hospitals not releasing treatment procedures because they want the competitive advantage
Medical doctors less likely to enter PCP as it poses more of a financial risk
Increased costs not aligning with increased access or quality of care.
Additionally, it seems that in the US, medicine is focused on being the best at rescue care for bragging right. Rescue care is a small part of our HCS so it doesnt make sense that it is given so much emphasis within our systems. This also feeds into the fact that there seems to be a focus on work done and the technicality of the work versus giving care that is beneficial to the patient. There are many instances where a cheaper and more cost-effective option would be better for the patient in the long term, but theyre given a more expensive and less effective treatment.

This also leads to the issue of there being a shortage in PCP. Being a PCP not only receive a lower income, but the role also may not be as glamorous as other subspecialties. As a result of the shortage of PCPs and just the lack of access, many patients do not have access to PCPs. This then leads to more expensive treatment options as interoperability is not where it needs to bet, patients may have duplication of work done across various specialists. Without a PCP, many patients also view the Emergency Department as the only way for them to receive care. OverallI think in addition to the points made above; medicine should aim to be proactive vs reactive.

The income gap between the earnings of PCPs and specialists is the major driver of physician’s choice between these two groups. My proposed solutions for this problem are:

Medicare should change the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and its method of updating to channel more income to PCPs and less to specialists
The U.S. should develop a loan forgiveness program for physicians who practice primary care
On the other hand, we have the problem of treating more patients that will monetary profit the providers rather than providing quality care to the patients. Fee-for-service (FFS) is the most traditional payment model of healthcare and it needs to change. My recommended solution for this problem is:

Switching to an alternative payment such as bundled payments, patient-centered medical homes, or accountable care organizations
When things stop being about money (that will most likely be impossible in a capitalist country) and more about the well being of our people, our healthcare will be better.

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