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telling a carefully constructed narrative that makes a point about your literacy experiences

Describe your earliest memory of writing. How do you remember that memory making you feel about writing? How did it make you feel about yourself as a writer?
What comes to mind as your single biggest writing accomplishment? What makes the accomplishment so memorable?
What comes to mind as a most challenging or frustrating experience with writing? What makes the experience memorable?
Imagine someone asking you how you learned to write. What would you say in response?
How would you describe yourself as a writer? And what examples might you give in support of that description?
Possible Prompts for Goal-Setting:

What would you say are your greatest challenges as a writer? What comes to mind as an example of that challenge?
How would you describe your writing? How would you like to describe your writing after completing ENG 101?
What do you think is most important when it comes to writing effectively? How do you see yourself meeting what you would describe as most important to effective writing?
Reflect on the feedback you remember receiving in response to your writing. What do you recall readers suggesting?
What is something youd like to be able to say about your writing?
Format: 3-5 double-spaced pages (roughly 750-1250 words) MLA format with an MLA Header

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