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Term paper

The study of Health Care Administration is intended to help prepare students for a career in management in the health care industry. The essence of the project is to research the specific health care field that the student desires to pursue and to provide a brief paper as outlined below to express the basis for your selection and what opportunities exist in the health care market today. If you are, yet, undecided as to a specific career path, select an area that you feel may appeal to you.
1. Describe your selected field and what has drawn you to pursue a career in that specific area.
a. Include previous experience you have in the selected field.
b. Note if and how specific individuals have contributed to this selection.
2. Conduct research to identify three to five organizations that may provide opportunities to engage in the specific career path you have chosen.
a. Describe the specific roles within the organizations that align with your career plans.
b. If possible, acquire job descriptions for positions that most appeal to you.
3. Draft a rГ©sumГ© for submission to the hiring manager of one of the organizations.
a. You may use software designed to aid in drafting a rГ©sumГ©.
b. You may want to use sample a rГ©sumГ© as a guide.
4. Provide a brief narrative describing your approach to participating in an interview for the position.
5. The paper for the project should be no more than five to six pages.
a. Use Times New Roman 12-point font.
b. Use 1-inch margins
c. Double-space narrative sections
d. Number each page
e. Please include a cover page noting your name, course designation, and date.

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