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the impact of the pandemic of coven 19 in the hospitality industry

Using a template for a scientific poster, of your choice, you are to produce a proposal to your S7 capstone thesis (dissertation) of 500 to 600 words. Font 9 and Times New Roman. The sections required are
A) Topic (13 words maximum)
B) Introduction: Background with at least two references; Aim (three lines maximum)
and three objectives beginning with Higher order action verbs to be found in Blooms
taxonomy and a rational with at least one reference.
C) Literature review (a critical reflection on the main literature of your topic) at least
three references.
D) Methodology: Method/s and why it/they are relevant; Population and sample;
analysis; Trustworthiness or reliability and validity.
This is a highly synthesized document only the important factors should figure. No bullet points are allowed.
Hand in instructions:
1) Print poster on A3 format and bring to class 25; 27 & 29 January for discussion.
2) Hand in date: 1st Feb 2021 at 15pm on Moodle turnit in.
    Project Tasks and Weighting

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