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The Mothman

In the document below this in the module, which was compiled from several popular online sources that all contend that the Mothman is real, there are a number of key points that are often found in descriptions of other paranormal phenomena, many of which have little or nothing to do with the events of Point Pleasant in 1966-67.

Lets take the position that the Mothman is nothing more than misidentifications, untrue statements and/or outright hoaxes and we are looking for clues that this is correct. In a dazzling essay of no less than 500 words, please clearly address the following thoughtful questions from your favorite instructor:

In the following document,(below this item in the list – so check it out under this) there are a number of highlighted words and phrases that give a sense of timing, location, and events that are clearly in the realm of the paranormal, unusual, creepy or just downright scary.  How does the description and the narrative all combine to lend a certain credibility to the legitimacy of the Mothman? Or, does it?

Are these cues used in fictional literature, tv and movies? Where and how?

What events or descriptions in the movie mirror what is found in the document?  How was the movie presented so that you, the viewer, will believe that the Mothman was/is a real creature?  How successful do you think this was done?  Or, is the movie unconvincing?

You know this question was coming, but after all of the information that we know about these events, how likely is it that the Mothman existed, and, what is your take on the connection between a large scary bat-like creature and the actual tragedy of the sudden collapse on December 15, 1967 of the 700-foot bridge Point Pleasant bridge? How could these two things be related?

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