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The Origin and Impact of Globalization Power Point

Select a region in the world to analyze throughout this course. Select three countries within the region: the country with the largest economy (by GDP), the smallest economy (by GDP), and another country of your choice. In a PowerPoint presentation (15-20 slides), conduct and apply your research to answer the following questions. Include presenter’s notes for each section. Cite scholarly sources to support your claims in each section.

1.Provide an introduction of the region and three countries within the region. What were the drivers and effect of colonization within that region and each of the selected countries?

On the globalEDGE website (http://globalEDGE.msu.edu), use the Global Insights tab and select By Country to find your selected countries. Select the Indices subsection, and review the information presented under the KOF Index of Globalization.

1. What three main aspects of globalization are measured?
Analyze the information and provide explanations for the level of development in that country. Why do they have the economy they have based on those three categories?
Locate each of the three countries in the Global Insights section on the globalEDGE website. Review the Economy, Trade Statistics, and Statistics subsections. What are some of the trends? How is age distribution related to the per capita GDP, international trade volume, and the types of products exported by the country? How can socioeconomic features of each of the country be used as a predictor of the level of development?

2. Identify two significant multinational companies (that originated in another country) that are present in each of the selected countries.

3. Justify why those multinationals entered those countries. What challenges did they face? What opportunities did they encounter?

4. Identify two significant multilateral world organizations in which each country participates and describe the effect on each of the three countries.

5. Identify the significant free trade agreements and trade blocs of each country.

6. Describe the factors that influence exchange rate movement and the implications for international business for each country.

7. Based on the information you have gathered throughout the research, select one country within the region that you will focus on for the rest of the semester. Justify your choice.

8. The PowerPoint presentation should consist of 15-20 slides not including the title slide and slide for APA citations. Include presenter’s notes for each section. Images may be included in the presentation but be sure to keep all image sizes low for this presentation. Cite scholarly sources to support your claims in each section.

9. Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.

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