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The Six Sigma Certification for Human Resources Manager

The Six Sigma Certification
The paper intends to explore the types of Six Sigma certifications and how this certification would assist and train a Human Resources Manager in better handle hiring talent, perfect their paperwork and reimbursement processes, improve upon calculating over time and help the company hire the best possible talent for their employment needs as well as retain employees in order to reduce waste, in this case employee loss and turnover in Healthcare setting.
1.    Types of Six Sigma certification (White, Yellow, Green belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, Champions).
2.    Research which and why this certification fits for Human resources manager who would lead the project in the company. Green belt certification would train and certify the Human Resources Manager who would directly participate in Six Sigma projects. The training develops enhanced problem-solving skills and teaches participants to apply statistical methods for process improvement. Green Belt training is ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their career. Improving the quality of processes and experiences has long been effective within all industries and environments. Employees trained in Six Sigma effectively improve customer satisfaction and consistently increase profitability.
3.    Minimum 1 scholar reference and include the in-text citations.

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