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The Snow Queen and Annie Wilkes

Choose ONE of the following questions and compose an answer that is at least 200 words. Use detailed examples from the story / film to support your ideas.

Is it significant that the Snow Queen is a beautiful, young lady? Does this challenge the stereotypical representation of female villains in fairy tales? How and why or why not? You might also consider whether her beauty and power are interconnected. How and why?
Witches are often the villains in fairy tales. Is the Old Woman whom Gerda meets on her journey evil or a villain? Why or why not?
Is the Snow Queen the only villain in this story or is there more than one villain? Who, how and why? Or you might consider whether or not the Snow Queen is in fact a villain? Why or why not?
Is Annie Wilkes evil? Why or why not?
Is gender important to our understanding of The Snow Queen and/ or Annie Wilkes villainy? How and why or why not?
Is Annies intelligence an important part of her power over Paul? Could we consider her an evil mastermind? How and why or why not?
Post your answer on our discussion board. Once you have posted your answer, respond to at least TWO of your classmates’ posts. Your responses should be 15-20 words and directly engage in some way with your classmates’ answers.

Please remember, we are here to help each develop our ideas about and understanding of the topic / text(s). Avoid criticizing another’s answer or interpretation, and use bridges (“That’s an interesting point, however, I think…”) to counter another’s view.

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