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To what extent do improvements in security of mobile payment systems impact its rate of adoption in the UK?

Theories included:
– Product adoption model
– Product life cycle
– Diffusion of innovation theory
– Technology acceptance model
– The hype cycle
– Service Innovation? innovation in service processes; new or improved ways of designing and service delivery system, though often this will be regarded instead as a service product innovation.
1. Define Mobile payment systems ? give examples like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay
2. Define rate of adoption
3. Brief overview (structure) of essay
– Effect of security on adoption rate of MPS in UK
– Other factors affecting rate of adoption of MPS
e.g. perceived security risk etc.
– Recommendation
How to get even more people to use MPS
e.g. implement 3D-secure, enforce rules and regulations
(sum up of each part and show your stand)
– This essay concluded that security is one of the main reasons that people adopt MPS in UK, however there are other factors that are equally significant to the reasons for adoption such as, lower cost, convenience, time saving.
– *improvement in security does play a crucial role in further increasing rate of adoption of MPS in UK but to a certain extent (further explain)

*not definite but this is my current plan, please feel free to change anything

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