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topic in Covid 19/ pandemic

Below is a list of topic areas. Select ONE of the topics and use the concept mapping technique from the lecture notes and the videos to develop a more narrow topic in a thesis statement or research question format. Please see the sample concept map in your lecture notes and click on the link for a grading rubric for this assignment.

Make sure you decide on something that you are very interested in. Remember, you will be with this topic for the next 14 weeks or so!

Covid-19 / Pandemic: Should people wear masks, or is that a restriction of people’s rights? Should people be allowed to work as usual and open businesses so that the economy survives, or should everyone stay home to stop the spread of the virus? This issue has been at the forefront of all of our lives for the past year. Craft a research question around something you would like to learn more about, related to the pandemic.

The Importance of Stable Elections in Democratic Societies: The “back and forth” of the 2020 US election has created some uncertainty and doubt in US democratic processes. Craft a topic related to the importance of fair elections in democracies. You may focus on the US election, or elections in other nations.

Immigration: 1) What long term impacts could separating families at the U.S.-Mexico border have for future generations? Or, (2) How does the current political climate, and the US President’s personal views (as displayed on Twitter, etc.), affect immigration policies, particularly as related to Homeland Security or ICE?

Celebrities “Taking a Knee” or Sharing Political Opinions: Should celebrities use their vast platforms to share their political opinions? Craft a research question related to the issues that celebrities have picked up as “causes”, and whether these causes benefitted from the involvement of celebrities.

Net Neutrality: What are the impacts of recent decisions around Net Neutrality? Is access to the Internet a human right and necessity, or is it a privilege that should be reserved for those who can afford fast and reliable Internet access? Research and explain.

The Environment / Climate Change: What are the long and short term global impacts of climate change? Are governments taking the issue seriously enough? What role does/should government play in addressing global climate change? What are some possible solutions? 

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