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Transitional care

Respond to the questions located in the Transitional Care Scenario. Read the information available in the Budget Considerations section and utilize this information as appropriate.

Use the attached Transition Care Scenario
1. What is the financial impact of this situation on the organization? Develop a short plan for how you would compensate for this situation.

2. What is the importance of an administrator understanding how private and government payers impact actual reimbursement (payment for services and methods of payment). From the perspective of an administrator in this scenario, why would monitoring reimbursement be so critical?

3. Is there a possibility of patient litigation surrounding this issue? How would you handle this situation?

Cleverley, W. O., Song, P. H., & Cleverley, J. O. (2011). Essentials of health care finance (7th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN-13: 9780763789299

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