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Turner Painter of Light

Watch the video – Turner Painter of Light http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Turner+power+of+art&FORM=HDRSC3#view=detail&mid=E6E1830B231B602D42F1E6E1830B231B602D42F1 (Links to an external site.) Then answer the following questions: 1 What is the title of the greatest British painting of the 19th century? 2 What was the name of the castle Turner painted, at age 27, as his entrance into the Royal Academy? 3 Who was Sarah Danby and what did she inspire him to paint? 4 What was the great moral crusade of his day? 5 What happened to his mother, Mary Turner? 6 To what city did Turner travel for inspiration? 7 Turner painted many seascapes, name one. 8 Turner’s painting “The Slave Ship” was originally named what? 9 What “revolution” did he paint over and over again? 10 Turner once told a visiting painter that he was NOT a painter after examining his what?

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