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Unit 4 Managerial Communication Assignments

This is a business communication class so the paper has to relate to business

Below are topics that are already taken so please dont pick those.

Muryam – Corporate Communication Policies – please email ***
Christian – Business Plans: Guidelines and Practices – please email ***
Darrin – Corporate Communication Policies – please email ***
Jazlyn – Giving feedback to peers or subordinates – APPROVED; I recommend you select either peers or subordinates
Sam – On the job training: being a mentor for minorities – APPROVED
Saleh – Electronic versus Face-to-Face Interaction in Groups – please email ***
Donnie – Communicating for business with the Chinese culture – APPROVED
Bart – Supervising employees with communication anxiety – APPROVED
Ungel – Supervising an employee who communicates ineffectively – APPROVED
Ken – please email ***
Lilyia – Doing business with cultures that do not accept women as business people
Daniel – Plain language law’s – Potential impact on Accounting, Lawyers – please email ***
Rishi – Communicating in sensitive situation – please email ***
Erik – Electronic versus Face-to-Face – please email ***
Jazz – Business Plan: Guidelines & Practices – please email ***
Sangita – Collaborative practices in workplace communication – APPROVED
Loren – Electronic versus face to face interaction in groups – please email ***
Fearby – Communication needs for entrepreneurs – APPROVED
Ying – Supervising employees who speak limited English – APPROVED

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