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1. Briefly explain your business idea and how you arrived at it.

The concept of IoT (Internet of Things) are implemented everywhere. Devices are getting interconnected to be capable of more things. If we combine the big screen of the smart TV with the convenience of the smart phone, it would be promisingly popular.

2. If you are still considering what business to plan to enter review the options outlined in this chapter in particular:

1. Can you identify a market gap that you could meet?

There’s no smartphone synchronized smart TV in the market. Our TV will fill the gap.

2. Is there a new twist that you could put onto an old business idea?

That would be the idea of getting smartphone work with a smart TV and other smart features.

3. Do you have an idea for an innovation or novel product?

Yes. We make the TV work perfectly with the smartphone.

4. Is there a franchise or network marketing proposition that you could plan for?

Yes. We’ll specify it in our business model.

5. Have you explored the possibility of buying out a business?

We are new entrants with unique differentiation. This industry has got history. We are not planning to buy out a business.

as a domain name is available. UniTV is available, there is an overlap with youtube channel name. We can try to boost our searches with increasing online advertising with Google search.

4. Review social media activity in your market and see which channels – _Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc are most used by current players.

· Since our product will be available for general audience and tech savvy segments we need to utilize all main social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, Youtube.

· We need to utilize and understand growing market of Tiktok. Marketing strategies are very versatile at Tiktok.

· Influencer marketing is necessary. Consumers these days trust social media personas before purchasing an item. We need to collaborate with important influencers within the sector. It should contain life style influences as well as comparison channels of Youtube (review channels watched frequently before making TV purchase).

· Digital media is used frequently by the competitors, especially during launch of a new product. Samsung uses social media trend analysis frequently by also creating their own algorithms (Businesswire, 2019).

6. Start using Google Analytics to track and analyse your website traffic.

· N/A

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