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Week 2: Job Description & Compensation Assignment

Imagine you are an HR manager working at the Elderly Care Facility, a 100 bed nursing home in Riverside, California. You have been given a task to write a job description for a full-time registered nurse position. Make sure the job description includes well-specified information about job duties and worker requirements of the registered nurse.

Based on the job description, please find information online on the market pay rates and establish competitive pay level for this position in order to attract and retain talented employees. Feel free to use the O*NET website or any other relevant websites. Share your findings as a brief summary within 1-2 paragraphs or a table. Be sure to explain how you arrived at this figure and why do you think it is a competitive pay level. Also, indicate what additional information you would need to be more accurate in your determination of the appropriate pay level.

Your submission should be formatted in current APA style,  2-3 pages long (excluding list of references). You do not need the title page for this assignment. However, please include references to the materials that will support your survey of the market pay rates (you may use Internet resources for this assignment).

The grading rubric, which represents the performance expectations for this assignment, is located below.

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