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Week 2: Practicum Activity 2

Practicum – Organization Diagnosis

Identify a problem, issue, concern or area of weakness at your work or a selected organization that will be suitable for your performance improvement practicum.  The topic should be substantive and allow you to demonstrate your skills in process analysis and performance improvement planning.

First, select an organization, speak to the manager or decision-maker in this organization, explain your performance improvement analysis plan, and obtain approval for you to conduct the analysis in the organization.  We will call this person your “sponsor”.

Note: If you choose an organization other than your workplace, it is critical that you ensure that you will be able to access the necessary information.

Then define the scope of your analysis (entire organization, one office, one process, etc.).  Conduct a review of the selected area so that you understand the relevant policies, procedures, and processes within the organization.

Create and submit a PowerPoint of at least 5 slides. 

Include standard themes and layouts. The PowerPoint must contain the following:

Title slide (course name and number, topic of presentation, student name, date). (1 slide)
Table of Contents. (1 slide)
Section 1
Identify the organization to be analyzed. Describe the organization — what does it do?  Help the reader become interested in the organization. Verify who authorized access for you to perform this analysis (your “sponsor”). (1 slide)
Summarize your understanding of the current situation for the selected area.  Clearly state the symptoms of the problem, who is involved, and how you will know if your performance improvement suggestions are successful. (minimum 1 slide)
Append a list of reference documents and any supporting materials. (minimum 1 slide)
To submit your assignment, select Submit Assignment, follow prompts to upload your work, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), and then click Submit Assignment.

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