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Week 5


  1. Think about an employee in your organization doing his/her job (or in your family or community group) who consistently does more than is required in his/her job performance. This may be the person in your organization that people call on to do a task when the time is short or when the expected outcome is complex.
  2. As you conduct your observation, think about the following questions:
    • What do you see the employee doing immediately before doing what you would define as exceptional performance?
    • What cues or events seemed to prompt the employee to put forth this exceptional effort? In other words, what was the likely antecedent of the behavior?
    • What behavior did the employee demonstrate? What was the task (s)?
    • What happened immediately after the employee completed the task? In other words what was the consequence of the behavior?
  3. Once you have completed your observation, develop a PIC/NIC analysis chart on each of the “ABC chains you observed, using Figure 11.1 in your textbook.
    • Was the consequence positive or negative?
    • Was it immediate or futureoriented?
    • Was it certain or uncertain?

 These references must also be used in this paper 

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