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welding at elevated level

we are writing about a system consisting of 3 sections, right now i need section 3 and the sections need to be connected. please give me a solid paper, i need 1 page intro and 2 pages fo reach subsystem B&C only (Do not do section A or D). i will attach section 1 and 2 along with an example of section 3. For each system provide 10 sources from reliable websites such as .org or .edu. enter the citations in the texts please

write 7 pages on subsystem B&C only, Do same as the example i attached for section 3 read it see what the other group did and do same as they did.and Do not change the format or come up with a creative style just fill and plug in the information in the original file fro only B&C just like the example showing just like what the other group did with their paper. the writing style should be the same as the original paper style or just like the example and what the other group did. Finally read the instruction that i put for this order 10 times before you do the paper. one more thing READ THE Example READ what the other group did with their paper and please just do the same , make sure the 3 section are connected with each other and so do not come up with things which do not make sense. that’s why i have attached section 1 and 2 so you can read part B&C only and start working on section 3

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