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wells fargo scandal issue

Your group will select a large and publicly traded firm that is facing a strategic issue or challenge. You will then diagnose the issue and provide solutions using theories, frameworks or models from the course.
The write-up will be up to 6 pages long and include 4 sections: (1) what is the key strategic issue or challenge facing the firm that you are trying to resolve; (2) your external (e.g., five-forces framework) or internal analysis (e.g., internal resources or capabilities) depending on whether problem is mainly related to the external or internal environment; (3) two alternatives that will solve the problem and (4) your justification for the alternative you chose.
What you should write is question 4. And my group already made the complete PPT and part 1 and 2 of the project. YOU should follow the content of the ppt and focus on the solution because our solution still need to be revised.
In the attachment, there will be the example of group project, the ppt of project which you should follow, and the unfinished the project which contained problem 1 and 2.

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